Claude Dufour AKA Reem The Harp "RTH" started his love for the harmonica quite young while hitching for a ride!! He travelled in the lower United States taking as much as he could from the Southern beat. He has been playing in bands since the age of 14, mostly around Montreal's extensive Blues scene until he moved to the west coast. Started Bluesparks early 90's playing locally in Whistler and Vancouver. RTH thanks Junior Wells, James Cotton, Howlin', Pat Ramsey, Butterfield and Lester RIP.

Craig Jones started taking bass lessons at 19. Early years were spent absorbing pop radio, country, rock, anything with heavy guitar and pronounced drum and bass caught his ear. He played in a few different rock bands through his 20’s before falling for old school blues. “I always knew I liked guy’s like Stevie Ray and Clapton as well as all this heavy modern stuff, but I didn’t realize why until I heard some blues from the 20’s, the 40’s and 50’s.” He’s been studying the blues ever since.

Scott Cameron,born in New Westminster and raised in Burnaby, started his musical journey at the age of ten when his parents came home from an auction with a used piano in tow. Lessons ensued and carried on for 5 years along with a brand new Yamaha upright which is still in the family. At 15, after countless hours of begging, his parents agreed to rent him a drum kit, and he’s never looked back. Scott has played in various local cover & original bands over the years, even doing a couple of stints with some Gulf Island groups. Blues and blues rock has been his main focus for the past 10 years and enjoys playing live and in the studio. As well as his older brothers and sister, Scott credits his love of music to his parents who always had the record player spinning, allowing years of band practices in the family basement (turned to 11 most nights!). The life long passion continues.

 John Gucwa's main influences come from Clapton in Cream, Jeff Beck,Page, Hendrix, SRV. He started taking guitar lessons after seeing The Beatles on tv. At 16 he started by playing school dances and halls in Kamloops. He later formed The Edge with friends and played local bars and clubs. In Vancouver. John has joined R&B groups; Ardent Tribe, Soul Purpose and Honey Thunder playing clubs, party’s and corporate events. His main passion is for the blues from all periods, Muddy Waters to Robert Cray, Matt Scofield.He uses a Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Gibson ES339. Amps include Marshall, Bogen and Fender, all run with various effects pedals.